About us

The Cavallo Winery History

You could say Cavallo has been in the making for over 30 years.  


Our President and CEO, Frank Gigliotti, left his career to pursue a dream, and become a winemaker.  In 2014, after operating a private wine club for 14 vintages,  Frank was convinced (after much pleading) to do a larger project in the Fraser Valley.   It started out as a larger-scale version of the private wine club, but after much thought and with some ambitious partners, a new vision was born.  


Cavallo was going to be a full-fledged commercial winery and create wines that people love to drink.  The facility was built out over the next year with partners John Claus, Craig Watson and Trevor Broad.  These three had no experience in the wine industry, just a passion and a goal to make great wines and get them to the public.  We worked and finally began production in 2016.  Countless hours of hard work and sleepless nights brought Cavallo to 2018, when it’s first vintage was bottled.  


We opened our doors to the public in 2019 and haven’t looked back since.  We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished and to be able do this project where we live. We’re proud of how our tasting bar and facility look and most of all we’re incredibly proud of our wines.  


We hope you love drinking them as much as we love making them! Cheers! 

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